Building the Future of Law. Together.

Nov 06, 2018Google HQNYC

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Litiquest IS a conference that exploreS how technology is impacting today’s law firms and how participants can “future proof” their businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

In November, nearly 200 legal industry leaders and esteemed speakers gathered at Google’s Manhattan office for LitiQuest.
LitiQuest explored how the legal industry is evolving as a response to the many technological advances and social trends of the present and future.


John Farrar

Head of Legal Services at Google

Daniel H. Shainker

Legal Client Immersion Specialist at Google

John Morgan

Founder of Morgan & Morgan For The People

Reuven Moskowitz

Founder of Litify

Terry Dohrmann

Chief Revenue Officer at Litify

Robert Rubenstein

Founder of Rubenstein Law

Jim Messina

Political advisor and campaign manager for Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

American environmental attorney, author, activist, entrepreneur, and radio host

Kathleen Vamos

Account Executive at Google

Brian Panish

Managing partner at Panish, Shea & Boyle LLP

Ben Crump

American civil rights attorney and founder of the law firm Ben Crump Law

Sheri Swanson

Senior Account Executive at Litify

Matt Morgan

Attorney at Morgan & Morgan For The People

Keith Mitnick

Senior Trial Attorney at Morgan & Morgan For The People

Joanne Marcus

Executive Director at Commonwealth Community Trust

Jon Levy

Chief Operating Officer at Carpenter, Zuckerman and Rowley

Shawn Lehocky

Chief Strategy Officer at Pond, Lehocky, Stern & Giordano

Ari Kornhaber

Co-Founder & the Executive Vice President of Esquire Bank (Nasdaq - ESQ)

Anthony Johnson

Founder of The Johnson Firm

Sean Flaherty

Managing Partner at Keches Law Group

John Hawkins

Founder of The Hawkins Law Firm

Pamela Wickersham

Sr. Global Partner Solutions Manager at Docusign


  • 10:00AM Opening: Giving Back
    • Introduction to Commonwealth Community Trust, a success story.

      Google on how technology levels the playing field.

  • 10:30AM Building a Marketing Machine
    • What’s Working and How You Can Execute

      Digital Marketing, Diversifying Dollars, and Online Video – practical insights with proven results for every managing partner.

  • 11:30AM Happier Clients
    • Share of Customer > Share of Market

      How to Persuade Clients on the Fringe.

  • 12:00PM Lunch
  • 12:30PM More Value for Your Clients, from Your Cases
    • Learn how to get more for your clients with strategies including “Anchoring High”, Medical Management, and “Transparency in process”.

  • 1:45PM Keynote
    • The Path to a Billion in Recurring Revenue

  • 2:15PM Break
  • 2:30PM Customer Highlights
    • Looking Back, Looking Forward

      Some of our earliest adopters share insights on how they run their firm and how technology helps them grow.

  • 3:00PM Litify Extensions
    • The Growing Litify Ecosystem

      Early partners and industry experts share their applications to unleash the power of the platform.

  • 3:45PM Litify Law
    • The Future of Law. Together.

      Why we are more excited than ever the next phase of Litify. Introducing Litify Law.

  • 4:00PM Break
  • 4:15PM Why We Do What We Do
    • Doing Good, Doing Well

      Hear from a panel of attorneys on how our work matters for those who need us most.

  • 5:00PM Closing
  • 5:30PM Cocktail Reception at The South Cabana at La Sirena in the Maritime Hotel (88 9th Ave between 16th and 17th St)